Small Groups

“The process of being known is the vessel in which our lives are kneaded and molded, lanced and sutured, confronted and comforted, bringing God’s new creation closer to its fullness in preparation for the return of the king.” – Curt Thompson, Anatomy of the Soul

Here at Christ Presbyterian Church our primary focus is to join with God in his process of conforming his people to the image of Christ. Towards this end we provide opportunities every week to join together outside of corporate worship to experience community and encourage one another in the faith. Small groups are smaller gatherings that take place in the intimacy of a home where spiritual and relational growth is fostered in the context of daily life. Each of our small group opportunities vary in terms of depth, frequency of meetings, and commitment level. Below is a table that highlights some of the differences between them.

Community Group Details & Contact Information
Below you will find the current list of community group options. Please reach out to the group leader directly to learn more about the group or to ask questions about childcare or directions.
Baldwin: Philip and Lisa Smith – Wednesday 6-8pm or
Mt. Airy: Steve and Carrie Woodworth: Sunday 5-7pm
Cornelia: Gary and Grace Hulsey: Sunday 5:30-7:30pm
Stephens County: Kyle and Jessica Bellamy: Sunday 3-5pm (childcare provided)
Toccoa: Wynn and Ellie Coggin: Wednesday 6-7:30pm
Clarkesville: Ronnie and Amanda Stewart: Wednesday 5:30-7pm (childcare provided)
Clarkesville: William and Debbie Sperin: Sunday 5:30-8pm
West Habersham: Chuck and Susan Weatherstone: Wednesday 6-8pm
Clarkesville: College & Young Professionals, Steve and Alice Stephens or

Clarkesville: Robert and Laura Sutter: Wednesday 6-8pm

Formation Groups:

Formation groups are designed to develop organically within the natural course of our deepening relationships here at CPC. Who you chose to meet with, the frequency, and the duration are for you to decide. However we do have some suggested guidelines. First, that the group is comprised of three people who are committed to meeting for at least 6 months. Our suggestion would be to try to meet at least twice per month for no less than an hour to discuss the following questions and praying for one another:

HEAT: What is causing you stress, worry, conflict, anger, sadness, etc. right now?

THORNS: In what ways have you responded in sinful ways to the heat?

ROOTS: What do these thorns reveal about the true source of your ultimate hope?

FRUIT: What does the Bible say about how to respond as Christ in this moment?

If you are interested in learning more about any of our Small Group options, please contact Steve Woodworth