Our Guiding Principles


The message of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection for us must never be “assumed.” Because Christ is the apex of God’s redemptive work in the world, we must focus on His person and work in everything that we do. We highlight God’s grace as the beginning and the end of the Christian life, and we emphasize a lifestyle of repentance from sin and faith in Christ. We regularly discuss God’s grace displayed in our justification, sanctification, and glorification.


We are not the only church in the world, nor are we the “best” church in the world. While we appreciate the things that make us distinctive, we want to partner with other Christ-centered churches for the work of Christ’s kingdom. We want other biblically faithful churches to flourish.


We are Reformed in our theology, meaning we trace our beliefs to the Protestant Reformation. The Reformers emphasized the authority of Scripture, the sovereignty of God, and salvation by grace. We want to present our theology in a winsome way, pointing to its truth and beauty. It should draw us to worship God and love others. It should not make us arrogant, angry, or hateful toward Christians who don’t identify themselves as Reformed.


The leadership of CPC strives to lead by asking “What does the Scripture say?” rather than “What is the most practical or pragmatic way to get results?” We are a church that believes in a “fixed theology;” that is, God’s Word does not change. However, we hold to a “flexible methodology;” that is, our methods of ministry can change to some degree based on the needs of the church and the demographics of our community. Another way to state this is that we are a church that emphasizes the ordinary means of grace. The primary methods God uses to minister his grace to us are the word, sacraments, and prayer. Accordingly, our worship services will emphasize these means of grace and not rely on trendy, consumer driven methods to hype people up.

People-Oriented Ministry

While we minister to one another in organic, informal ways, we also establish programs to accomplish our ministry goals. Programs are valuable, but we value the people involved in them more. We are more interested in seeing God’s people refreshed by His presence than exhausted by programs. We never want to have programs for the sake of programs. We also understand that people are individuals; thus, we strive to minister to people in ways that fit them rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach to programs.


We do not exist for ourselves. We are not a “holy huddle.” We must be involved in our community. Because Christ came and sought us out, we must seek out ways we can love and serve those in our community and tell them about Christ.


We believe in “the communion of the saints.” This means that we want the people at CPC to love one another…and to like one another! We strive to be involved in each other’s lives and grow together into a healthy body of Christ. Jesus cared greatly about the church and so should we.

God is at Work

We are optimistic about the ministry of the church, not because we think we are good at it, but because we think God is good at it. We believe He is already at work in the lives of people, drawing them towards Himself. He is actively engaged in the world around us. So we live and labor with the understanding that God is already working. This emboldens us to love and serve others, to listen to them, and to minister meaningfully in their lives.

Partnering with Parents

We actively minister to young people while honoring the primary role God has given parents to disciple their children. We want to support parents by offering opportunities for discipleship and for building community. We also seek to equip parents to raise their children in the Lord. When children do not have spiritually engaged parents, we will strive to be the light of Christ in their lives. We encourage our families to show mutual grace and respect to one another concerning parenting methods, educational choices, and family dynamics.