Christ Presbyterian Church, PCA in Clarkesville, GA


Advent 2017

Luke 2:13-14: “The Song of Heaven” (Hobie Wood)

Luke 1:68-79: “The Darkness and the Dawn” (Hobie Wood)


Acts 13-20 – The Word Goes Out

Acts 20:13-38: “Ingredients for a Healthy Church” (Brandon Meeks)

Acts 20:1-12: “Raise the Fallen, Cheer the Faint” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 19:21-41: “The Upsetting Gospel” (Hobie Wood) Woship Guide

Acts 18:23-19:20: “Wonder Working Power” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 18:1-22: “Staying on God’s Mission” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 17:16-34: “Turn” (Hobie Wood) 10/22/2017 Worship Guide

Acts 17:1-15: “Receive or Reject?” (Hobie Wood) 10/15/2017 Worship Guide

Acts 16:19-40: “Philippi Prison Blues…And Joys” (Hobie Wood) 10/08/2017 Woship Guide

Acts 16:11-18: “On Mission with Christ” (Brandon Meeks) 10/1/17 Worship Guide

Acts 15:36-16:10: “Common Issues” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 15:13-35: “Welcome Your New Family” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 15:1-12: “Lose the Gospel, Lose Everything” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 14:19-28: “How to Stay Faithful” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 14:1-18: “The Gospel in the Chaos” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 13:13-52: “Who Do You Preach?” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Acts 13:1-12: “Sent” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide


Summer Sermons 2017

Psalm 100: “Worship: Our Joy” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Psalm 130: “Waiting for the Dawn” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Philippians 1:27-30: “Live Worthy” (Brandon Meeks) 7/23/17 Worship Guide

Philippians 1:18b-26: “Joy in All Things” (Brandon Meeks) 7/16/17 Worship Guide

Philippians 1:12-18: “Gospel Advancement Through Adversity” (Brandon Meeks) 7/9/17

Philippians 1:1-11: “Hearts for One Another” (Brandon Meeks) 7/2/17

Psalm 119:17-24: “God’s Word; Our Response” (Hobie Wood) 6/25/17 Worship Guide

Psalm 57: “How to Run to the Refuge” (Hobie Wood) 6/11/17 Worship Guide

Psalm 141: “Hear Me & Help Me” (Brandon Meeks) 6/4/17 Worship Guide

Luke 9:18-22: “Who Do You Say That I Am?” (Hobie Wood) 5/28/17 Worship Guide


Easter and Palm Sunday

1 Corinthians 15:19-26: “Death Undone” (Hobie Wood) 4/16/17 Worship Guide

Luke 19:28-40: “Responses to the King” (Brandon Meeks) 4/9/17 Worship Guide


Genesis 1-11

Genesis 11:10-12:3: “God’s End Game” (Hobie Wood) 5/21/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 10-11:9: “When Heaven and Earth Disagree” (Hobie Wood) 5/14/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 9:18-29: “Blessings and Curses” (Hobie Wood) 5/7/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 9:8-17: “God’s Covenant: Our Confidence” (Hobie Wood) 4/30/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 9:1-7: “That They May Have Life” (Hobie Wood) 4/23/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 8: “Faithfully” (Hobie Wood) 4/2/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 7: “The Day Comes” (Hobie Wood) 3/26/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 6:9-22: “God Will Act” (Hobie Wood) 3/19/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 6:1-8: “The Storm’s Coming” (Hobie Wood) 3/12/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 5: “Don’t Fear the Reaper” (Hobie Wood) 3/5/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 4: “The Line of Redemption” (Brandon Meeks) 2/26/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 3:8-24: “Are the Good Times Really Over For Good?” 2/19/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 3:1-7: “The Anatomy of Temptation” (Hobie Wood) 2/12/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 2:18-25: “Not Alone” (Hobie Wood) 2/5/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 2:4-17: “Mankind in His Place” (Hobie Wood) 1/29/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 1:26-2:3 “Crown of Creation” (Hobie Wood) 1/22/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 1:3-25: “Glory in the Details” (Hobie Wood) 1/15/17 Worship Guide

Genesis 1:1-2: “The Creator” (Hobie Wood) 1/8/17 Worship Guide


Advent 2016

Mark 1:1-13: “New Beginnings” (Brandon Meeks) 1/1/17 Worship Guide

Christmas Day: 12/25/16  Worship Guide

Isaiah 7:14: “Advent: The Sign” (Hobie Wood) 12/18/16 Worship Guide

Isaiah 9:1-7: “Advent: The King Brings Peace” (Hobie Wood) 12/11/16 Worship Guide

Matthew 22:1-10: “Receive the Gift” (Steve Woodworth) 12/4/16 Worship Guide


Upper Room Discourse – John 13-17

John 17:20-26: “Jesus’ Prayer for You” (Brandon Meeks) 11/27/16 Worship Guide

John 17:14-19: “Set Apart” (Hobie Wood) 11/20/16 Worship Guide

John 17:6-13: “He Keeps Us” (Hobie Wood) 11/13/16 Worship Guide

John 17:1-5: “So You Want to Live Forever?” (Hobie Wood) 11/6/16 Worship Guide

John 16:25-33: “Take Heart” (Hobie Wood) 10/30/16 Worship Guide

John 16:16-24: “Sorrow and Joy” (Hobie Wood) 10/23/16 Worship Guide

John 16:5-15: “The Spirit of Truth” (Hobie Wood) 10/16/16 Worship Guide

John 15:18-16:4: “Warned and Ready” (Brandon Meeks) 10/9/16

John 15:12-17: “Friends of Jesus” (Hobie Wood) 10/2/16 Worship Guide

John 15:1-11: “Don’t Cut the Cord” (Hobie Wood) 9/25/16 Worship Guide

John 14:15-31: “How the Helper Helps” (Hobie Wood) 9/18/16 Worship Guide

John 14:1-14: “The Way to Know God” (Hobie Wood) 9/11/16 Worship Guide

John 13:21-38: “Love and Betrayal” (Hobie Wood) 9/4/16 Worship Guide

John 13:1-20: “Served and Serving” (Hobie Wood) 8/28/16 Worship Guide


Summer in the Psalms

Psalm 62: “How to Wait” (Hobie Wood) 8/21/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 30: “Weeping to Joy” (Hobie Wood) 8/14/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 11: “Becoming Fearless” (Hobie Wood) 8/7/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 107:33-43: “Inversion Theology” (Brandon Meeks) 7/31/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 107:1-32: “God’s Steadfast Love” (Brandon Meeks) 7/24/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 119:9-16: “The Path of Purity” (Hobie Wood) 7/10/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 112: “Livin’ Right” (Hobie Wood) 7/3/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 77: “When Troubles Come” (Hobie Wood) 6/26/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 96: “Sing the Lord’s Song” (Hobie Wood) 6/19/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 90: “Numbering Our Days” (Steve Woodworth) 6/12/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 72: “The King” (Hobie Wood) 5/29/16 Worship Guide

Psalm 127: “Where We Find Security” (Brandon Meeks) 6/5/16 Worship Guide



Luke 6:1-11: “Rest as Freedom and Responsibility” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Luke 13:10-17: “Rest from All that Wears Us Down” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide



Amos 9: “Deconstruction/Reconstruction” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Amos 8: “The End Will Be Worse Than We Think” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Amos 7:10-17: “Faithful When Opposed” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Amos 7:1-9: “Mercy in Judgment” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Amos 6:8-14: “The End of Arrogance” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Amos 6:1-7: “Caring for the Wrong Body” (Hobie Wood)  Worship Guide

John 20:11-18, 24-29: “Resurrection for ‘Feelers’ and ‘Thinkers'” (Hobie Wood)  Worship Guide

Good Friday Worship Guide

Amos 5:16-27: “Unprepared to Meet Thy God” (Hobie Wood) Worship Guide

Amos 5:1-15: “Pursuits of Life and Death” (Brandon Meeks) 3/13/15 Worship Guide

Amos 4: “Upended” (Hobie Wood) 3/6/16 Worship Guide

Amos 3:9-15: “What Judgment Does” (Hobie Wood) 2/28/16 Worship Guide

Amos 3:1-8: “The Peril of Being Known” (Hobie Wood) 2/21/16 Worship Guide

Amos 2:4-16: “Who, Me?” (Hobie Wood) 2/14/16 Worship Guide

Amos 1:3-2:3: “Devaluing God’s Image” (Hobie Wood) 2/7/16 Worship Guide

Amos 1:1-2: “Listen to the Roar” (Hobie Wood) 1/31/16 Worship Guide



Ephesians 1:1-2: “Introducing Grace” (Hobie Wood) 8/30/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 1:3-10: “Restoration Revealed” (Hobie Wood) 9/6/15

Ephesians 1:11-14: “Assurance in Christ” (Brandon Meeks) 9/13/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 2:1-10: “Death to Life” (Hobie Wood) 9/27/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 2:11-22: “A New Humanity” (Hobie Wood) 10/4/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 3:1-13: “No More Mystery” (Hobie Wood) 10/11/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 3:14-21: “Pray for This” (Hobie Wood) 10/18/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 4:1-16: “E Pluribus Unum” (Hobie Wood) 10/25/15

Ephesians 4.17-24: “Out with the Old, In with the New” (Brandon Meeks) 11/1/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 4:25-32: “Holistic Holiness” (Hobie Wood) 11/8/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 5:1-21: “Apples Falling Close to Trees” (Hobie Wood) 11/15/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 5:22-33: “Marriage and the Bigger Picture” (Hobie Wood) 11/22/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 6:1-4: “Family Matters” (Hobie Wood) 11/29/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 6:5-9: “Simultaneously Slave and Free” (Hobie Wood) 12/6/15 Worship Guide

Genesis 3:8-15: “Christmas In Genesis” (Hobie Wood) 12/20/15 Worship Guide

Ephesians 6:21-24: “Blessed By Relationships” (Brandon Meeks) 12/27/15 Worship Guide

Luke 13:18-21: “Days of Small Things” (Hobie Wood) 01/03/16 Worship Guide

1 Peter 4:7-11: “Living in Light of Christ’s Coming” (Brandon Meeks) 1/24/16

Summer in the Psalms 2015

Psalm 48: “Love the Church” (Hobie Wood) 7/5/15

Psalm 78: “Lessons from History” (Brandon Meeks) 7/19/15 Worship Guide

Psalm 95: “Venite, Exultemus Domino (Hobie Wood) 7/26/15 Worship Guide

Psalm 116: “The God Who Hears Us” (Hobie Wood) 8/2/15 Worship Guide

Psalm 131: “The Calm Soul” (Hobie Wood) 8/9/15 Worship Guide

Psalm 87: “Zion, City of Our God” (Hobie Wood) 8/16/15  Worship Guide

Psalm 33: “Love On Display” (Hobie Wood) 8/23/15 Worship Guide


The Gospel for _____?

The Religious Good Person – John 3:1-21 (Hobie Wood) 6/7/15

The Religious Failure – John 4:1-30 (Brandon Meeks) 6/14/15

The Really Bad – Luke 23:32-43 (Hobie Wood) 6/21/15

The Pluralist – Acts 17:16-34 (Hobie Wood) 6/28/15


1 Samuel

1 Samuel 1:1-20: “An End to Misery” (Hobie Wood) 9/7/14

1 Samuel 1:21-2:11: “Grace Yields Worship” (Hobie Wood) 9/14/14

1 Samuel 2:12-36: “Judgment in God’s House” (Hobie Wood) 9/21/14

1 Samuel 3:1-4:1a: “Post Tenebras Lux” (Hobie Wood) 9/28/14

1 Samuel 4: “Not a Magic Genie” (Hobie Wood) 10/5/14

1 Samuel 5: “Justice Will Roll Down” (Hobie Wood) 10/19/2014

1 Samuel 6:1-7:2: “Don’t Waste Your ‘Low-ness'” (Hobie Wood) 10/26/14

1 Samuel 7:3-17: “Help Wanted” (Hobie Wood) 11/2/14

1 Samuel 8: “Give Me What I Want!” (Hobie Wood) 11/9/14

1 Samuel 9:1-10:16: “Quiet Grace” (Hobie Wood) 11/16/14

1 Samuel 10:17-27: “More Than We Ask” (Hobie Wood) 11/23/14

1 Samuel 11: “Rescue from Disgrace” (Hobie Wood) 12/7/14

1 Samuel 12: “Can I Get A Witness?” (Hobie Wood) 12/14/14

Luke 1:26-38: “Divine Intervention” (Hobie Wood) 12/21/14 Christmas

1 Samuel 13: “A Leader Who Follows” (Hobie Wood) 1/4/15

1 Samuel 14:1-23: “The Faithful vs. The Foolish” (Hobie Wood) 1/11/15  Worship Guide

1 Samuel 14:24-52: “Don’t Follow Bad Leaders” (Hobie Wood) 1/18/15 Worship Guide

1 Samuel 16: “God’s Wise Choice” (Hobie Wood) 2/1/15  Worship Guide

1 Samuel 17: “When God Throws Rocks” (Hobie Wood) 2/8/15  Worship Guide

1 Samuel 18: “Friends or Enemies?” (Hobie Wood) 2/15/15  Worship Guide

1 Samuel 19: “Providential Protection” (Hobie Wood) 2/22/15 Worship Guide

1 Samuel 20: “What the World Needs Now” (Hobie Wood) 3/1/15 Worship Guide

1 Samuel 21: “Actual, Real-Life Help” (Hobie Wood) 3/8/15

1 Samuel 22: “David’s Motley Crew” (Brandon Meeks) 3/15/15

1 Samuel 23: “Who’s Hand Are You In?” (Hobie Wood) 3/22/15

1 Samuel 24: “While You Wait…” (Hobie Wood) 3/29/15

Matthew 28: “Resurrection Realities” (Hobie Wood) 4/5/15

Mark 9:12-29: “Anything Is Possible” (Matt Siple) 4/12/15

1 Samuel 25: “Saved From Self” (Hobie Wood) 4/19/15

1 Samuel 26-27: “Saint and Sinner” (Hobie Wood) 4/26/15

1 Samuel 28: “Ghostly Guidance?” (Hobie Wood) 5/10/15

1 Samuel 29: “Details of Divine Rescue” (Hobie Wood) 5/17/15

1 Samuel 30: “The King is a Giver” (Hobie Wood) 5/24/15

1 Samuel 31: “When the Enemy Wins” (Hobie Wood) 5/31/15


The Lord’s Prayer

The Approach: Matthew 6:9 (Hobie Wood) 8/3/14

The Agenda: Matthew 6:10 (Hobie Wood) 8/10/14

The Provision: Matthew 6:11 (Hobie Wood) 8/17/14

The Freedom of Forgiveness: Matthew 6:12 (Jake Hunt) 8/24/14

The Protector: Matthew 6:13 (Hobie Wood) 8/31/14


Summer in the Psalms – 2014

Psalm 8: “Meaning in Life?” (Hobie Wood) 4/27/14

Psalm 84: “Satisfied in God Alone” (Hobie Wood) 5/4/14

Psalm 3: “Help!” (Hobie Wood) 5/11/14

Psalm 32: “Breaking the Silence” (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 5/18/14

Psalm 111: “He is Faithful” (Hobie Wood) 6/1/14

Psalm 29: “Worship: From Heaven to Earth” (Hobie Wood) 6/8/14

Psalm 27: “Be Overly Confident” (Hobie Wood) 6/15/14

Psalm 126: “Full Restoration” (Hobie Wood) 6/22/14

Psalm 24: “Come into the House of the King” (Hobie Wood) 7/6/14

Psalm 115: “Accept No Substitutes” (Hobie Wood) 7/13/14

Psalm 66: “Come and See” (Hobie Wood) 7/20/14


Isaiah 53 – The Suffering Servant

Isaiah 52:13-53:3: “A More Appealing Jesus” (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 4/6/14

Isaiah 53:4-6: “The Substitute” (Hobie Wood) 4/13/14

Isaiah 53:7-9: “The Silence of God” (Dr. Steve Woodworth) Good Friday 4/18/14

Isaiah 53:10-12: “For the Win” (Hobie Wood) Easter Sunday 4/20/14


Acts 1-12

Acts 1:1-11: “Jesus Finishes His Mission” (Hobie Wood) 09/1/13

Acts 1:12-26: “God Does Not Waste Our Waiting” (Hobie Wood) 09/8/13

Acts 2:1-13: “Thou Rushing Wind” (Hobie Wood) 09/15/13

Acts 2:14-41: “How God Comes After Rebels” (Hobie Wood) 09/22/13

Acts 2:42-47: “The Church Without Need” (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 09/29/13

Acts 3:1-10: “He Makes All Things New” (Hobie Wood) 10/6/13

Acts 4:1-22: “Expectations for the Gospel Message” (Hobie Wood) 10/27/13

Acts 4:23-31: “Bold as a Lion” (Hobie Wood) 11/3/13

Acts 4:32-5:11: “The Importance of Being Honest” (Hobie Wood) 11/10/13

Acts 5:12-32: “Obstacles to the Mission” (Hobie Wood) 11/17/13

Acts 5:33-42: “Joyfully Welcoming Opposition” (Hobie Wood) 11/24/13

Acts 6:1-7: “Where Will You Serve?” (Hobie Wood) 12/1/13

Acts 6:8-15: “Religion hates Gospel” (Hobie Wood) 12/8/13

Acts 7:1-16: “Where is Home for You?” (Hobie Wood) 12/15/13

Acts 7:17-43: “Don’t Refuse Your Rescuer” (Hobie Wood) 1/6/14

Acts 7:44-53: “A Resident God” (Hobie Wood) 1/12/14

Acts 7:54-8:3: “Handling Hostility” (Hobie Wood) 1/19/14

Acts 8:4-25: “What do You Preach?” (Hobie Wood) 1/26/14

Acts 8:26-40: “Jesus Makes Outsiders into Insiders” (Hobie Wood) 2/2/14

Act 9:1-19: “No Longer an Enemy” (Hobie Wood) 2/9/14

Acts 9:19-31: “Is It Real?” (Hobie Wood) 2/16/14

Acts 9:32-43: “Everything Made New” (Hobie Wood) 2/23/14

Acts 10: “To the Nations” (Hobie Wood) 3/2/14

Acts 11:1-18: “Grace Alone” (Hobie Wood) 3/9/14

Acts 11:19-30: “Deeper with the Word” (Hobie Wood) 3/16/14

Acts 12:1-19: “Pray Hard When Opposed” (Hobie Wood) 3/23/14


Adult Sunday School: Basic Theology

Introduction to Theology (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 1/19/14

Trinity: Part 1 (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 1/26/14

Trinity: Part 2 (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 2/2/14

Trinity: Part 3 (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 2/9/14

Doctrine of God – General/Special Revelation (Lee Hicks) 2/16/14

Omniscience (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 3/2/14

Omniscience: The Problem of Evil (Dr. Jon Morgan) 3/9/14

Christology: Part 1 (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 3/23/14


Adult Sunday School: Hermeneutics

Translation Philosophy and Lessons in Literary Context (Hobie Wood) 10/27/2013

The Holy Spirit and Biblical Interpretation (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 11/17/2013

Redemptive-Historical Interpretation (Dr. Steve Woodworth) 11/24/2013



Summer in the Psalms Series (2013)

Psalm 1:  “Two Ways to Live” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 2:  “The King and the Rebels” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 51: “Make a Practice of Confession” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 16: “A Beautiful Inheritance” (Matt Siple)

Psalm 73:  “When the Wicked Prosper” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 42/43: “Dealing with a Spiritual Slump” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 19:  “Revelation and Response” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 46: “A Refuge in an Unstable World” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 13: “Pray Until You Can Sing Again” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 34: “Making Much of Our God” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 121: “Our Keeper” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 133:  “The Unity Song” (Hobie Wood)

Psalm 67:  “Blessed to be a Blessing” (Hobie Wood)


Titus Series

Titus 1:1-4:  “God Has Spoken” (Hobie Wood)

Titus 1:5-9 (partial):  “Godly Leadership in the Church” (Hobie Wood)

Titus 1:10-16:  “Don’t Change the Gospel” (Hobie Wood)

Titus 2:1-10:  “Grace on Display” (Hobie Wood)

Titus 2:11-16:  “God is For Us” (Hobie Wood)

Titus 3:1-7:  “Dealing with Difficult People” (Hobie Wood)

Titus 3:8-15: “Good Theology Matters” (Hobie Wood)


Jonah Series

Jonah 1:1-3: “Runaway Prophet” (Hobie Wood)

Jonah 1:4-16: “God in Pursuit” (Hobie Wood)

Jonah 1:17-2:10:  “Grace and Gratitude” (Hobie Wood)

Jonah 3:  “Reviving Means Repenting” (Hobie Wood)

Jonah 4:  “A Compulsion for Compassion” (Hobie Wood)


1 Peter Series

1 Peter 1:1-12:  “Salvation Overshadows Suffering”  (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 1:13-21:  “Gospel Obedience”  (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 1:22-2:3:  “Gospel Growth” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 2:4-10:  “Gospel Identity” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 2:11-17:  “Gospel Freedom” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 2:18-25:  “Gospel Suffering” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 3:1-7:  “Gospel Marriage” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 3:8-17:  “Gospel Do-Gooders” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 3:18-22:  “Gospel Victory” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 4:1-6:  “Don’t Go Back” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 4:7-11:  “Doomsday Preppers” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 4:12-19:  “Suffering as a Christian” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 5:1-7:  “The Outworking of Gospel Humility” (Hobie Wood)

1 Peter 5:8-14:  “Fight the Battle” (Hobie Wood)


Judges Series

Judges 6.25-40:  “God saves us; Therefore, Obey Him even if it costs you”  (Hobie Wood)

Judges 7:  “His strength; Our Confidence”  (Hobie Wood)

Judges 8.1-28:  “Can’t we just all get alone” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 9:22-57:  “Evil will not win” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 10.1-16:  “Warning Signs” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 10:17-11:28:  “Promises, Protection, and Fearlessness” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 11:29-12:15:  “Our words; God’s Word” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 13:  “Wake up; God has provided a Savior” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 14: “God’s Purposes Will Not Fail” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 15:  “Reluctant Freedom” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 16:  “Turn From Other Lovers” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 17:  “Worship Gone Wild” (Hobie Wood)

Judges 18:  “Whose House?”  (Hobie Wood)

Judges 19:  “Rebels Without a King” (Hobie Wood) – (This sermon is rated PG-13 due to mature themes in the Scripture text.  Parents, please use discretion)

Judges 21:  “Who Will Lead Us Out of Twisted Behavior?”  (Hobie Wood)


Other Sermons

Micah 7:7-20: “Greater Grace Than Sin” (Matt Siple) 11/30/14

Galatians 5:16-26: “Spirit-ual Warfare” (Jordan Olshefski) 10/12/14

1 Corinthians 1:18-25: “The Foolishness of God” (Matt Siple) 12/29/13

Hebrews 11:8-22: “Forward-Facing Faith” (Justin Clement) 10/13/13

Philippians 1:12-26:  “Living with God’s Favor” (Jonathan Carter)

Luke 24 – Easter Sunday:  “All Will Be Well: Jesus Arose!” (Hobie Wood)

Nahum 1:  “Plotting Against the Lord” (Steve Woodworth)

Matthew 1:1-17:  “Christmas was God’s Plan A” (Hobie Wood)

1 Cor. 11; Col. 2:  “Sacraments for Our Spiritual Good” (Hobie Wood)

Gen. 22:  “It shall be provided” (Taylor Rollo)

Philippians 1:18-26:  “Joy in our new identity” (Justin Clement)

Sunday Worship at 10:30 AM


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