Christ Presbyterian Church, PCA in Clarkesville, GA

Growth in Community

We offer several ways for people to gather in smaller communities where they can experience spiritual growth as they apply the Gospel to their lives. We don’t expect anyone to be involved in every program in this category, but do hope that they become consistently involved in one form of growing in community.

Sunday School

Sunday morning classes are provided for all ages. These classes start at 9:30am. The fall semester generally runs from August to November and the spring semester from January to May. The three consecutive categories of study in the adult classes are Bible, practical living, and theology.  Click here for current classes.

Community Groups

Throughout the week families and individuals meet together in Community Groups where we build relationships in a way that the large worship gathering on Sunday can’t afford. These groups range in size from 8 to 20 members. We use this time to enjoy and love each other, pray and care for one another, and study the Word.  Click here for current community groups.

Adult Small Groups

These gender specific groups of 2 to 8 people meet on a regular basis, weekly to monthly. Growth in Christ occurs as group members share personal struggles and joys, pray for and encourage one another, and apply the Gospel to one another’s lives. Please talk to one of the pastors if you are interested in being a part of an adult discipleship group/Bible study.

Youth & Children

We want to equip and encourage parents to take the primary role in the discipleship of their children. We also want to be supportive of their efforts by offering discipleship settings parents can make use of. This is primarily being done through Sunday school classes and youth gatherings. Youth often participate with their family in a Community Group as well. (Youth are considered those turning 13 the current school year up to seniors in high school).

Sunday Worship at 10:30 AM


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