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  • Big Building Announcements: Dec. 6 and 13

    If you’ve ever set up a chair at the Aquatic Center, carted in the toys for the nursery, wheeled out the coffee supplies, or stretched a cord for the sound system…and maybe even if you haven’t, you will be exited to know that we will be unveiling our building plan next month.  On Sunday morning, […]

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  • So Much Evil…

    On the heels of the Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, SC, one is left with grief and anger over such evil.  It’s hard to imagine that someone could be so fueled by racial hate that he would walk into a Bible study/prayer meeting, sit for an hour, then stand up and say that he […]

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  • Christians lost the culture war? Good!

    “God and country,” “Christian America,” “Let’s take America back!”….these are all phrases that are fading out of the evangelical Christian culture in America.  Christians fought the culture wars for years, but it seems those wars are now over – and it looks like the Christians lost.  Or did they?  Russell Moore writes in this article […]

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  • What brand of Presbyterian are we?

    Up in the North Georgia mountains, there isn’t much of a category for “presbyterian.”  It is in the general, non-Baptist “other category.”  I can say that as someone who grew up Baptist (and still loves my Baptist brothers/sisters!).  But there are many stripes of Presbyterian (there are also several stripes of Baptist for that matter). […]

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  • More from yesterday’s class on biblical masculinity

    After our class yesterday, this article by Paul Tripp was brought to my attention.  This is very good…hopefully it will help our discussion as we look into what God’s Word says about masculinity and femininity.

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  • Gospel-informed Marriage, Gender, and Parenting

    Our Adult Sunday School class this semester is on Gospel-informed Marriage, Gender, and Parenting.  Our schedule rotates between classes on Theology, Bible, and Practical issues – this is a practical class (although hopefully they all are theological, biblical, and practical!)  As our culture deals the church myriad assaults on marriage, gender, and parenting, we want […]

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  • Enjoy Christmas like a Christian

    Kevin DeYoung has some helpful thoughts on what it might mean to enjoy Christmas like a Christian this season.  I found these to be encouraging and helpful as we enter into days with family and services with gloriously Christ-centered hymns and readings.  After all, the celebration is about Christ but it is for us…for our […]

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  • Meet Someone New On Sunday

    Too often, when we gather for worship on Sunday, we assume that someone else will speak to guests….or if we are guests, we assume that all of the people around us have always been at this church and they are not interested in getting to know us.  In reality, there are a number of new […]

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  • Why you should consider a Community Group

    It’s Fall.  Football is back (for good and for ill…depending on your team affinity).  It’s also the time of year when we as a church begin our Fall schedule…Adult/Children’s Sunday school and Community groups…in addition to our usual Sunday worship.  Maybe you’ve never attended a Community group or maybe you’re new to our congregation.  Let […]

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  • When we are pushed to society’s fringes…

    Dr. Carl Trueman, Professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia has a fantastic article out in the online magazine First Things.  It addresses the issue of the cultural exile that Christianity is facing within the western world.  Christians are always seeking to engage the world, to bring the Gospel graciously to society.  But […]

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